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I also have been very unhappy with tax defense network. The first communication with this company was so hopeful to me . I was reassure, promised decrease in penalties ect.. They did NOTHING that they said they would do than submit a offer in compromise . Which for over 7,000 dollars I could have done for free myself. Once I signed the dotted line and had the initial interview with my "personal advocate", the rest was just a waste of time and... Read more

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I couldn't agree with you more I have been taken advantage of allowing these people jurisdiction over my bank account which they never had no problem working on that to say the least they never perform none of the tax duties that they claimed they were going to do I paid out too much money for not to receive any service on my taxes which I know I'm going to have to pay someone else to at least help me solve this matter with the IRS took right at... Read more

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I paid $2000.00 to Tax Defense network to help me settle my new york tax situation. I sent to them the documents to show that what was being asked was outrageous and that I needed help. They returned the documents in a total disarray and asked me for information that I had sent to them. They did nothing for a long time, it got so bad that NY state tax put a lien on my home. I tried to get them to respond but it took so much time that I... Read more

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I used tax defense network, which should be called rip off network, and nothing was done. My bank account was levied twice so far, I was told to hold turning my taxes in until they saw it first. I did that, and they never told me they saw my taxes so mailed them until after they levied my bank account, and I had to contact them to ask if it was ok to Mail them. Then they said they would call the IRS to have it reversed and never did, so I had to... Read more

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A total waste of our money. Nothing changed in what we owe the IRS and we still pay the same amount every month that we have been doing for the past couple of years. The 3000 dollars we gave them for their no work could have been used to help pay the 18000 that we owe. A total fraud and waste of time. Read more

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If you use these crooks you will become a believer in scam artist. They will never do what they say, go to the IRS and let them help you, they will do more for you than Tax delirious Network. They are crooks I am in the process of filing a law suit to recover my money and time and penalties their delays have caused

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Charge excessive for service, found out by IRS what they did I could have completed myself. $8000.00! I should have my head examined for listening to these used car salesmen, no I take that back, that's a bad rap on the used car salesmen everywhere! Attorneys, when they're good they are really good, when they're bad, they are criminals!!!!!!

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We were pursued vehemently--approximately every 2-4 days for almost a month while we researched our tax matter. If we called with questions, our calls were IMMEDIATELY returned with an assurance that this was the level of professionalism we could expect moving forward. However, once we paid the upfront fee of approximately $5,000, the tables turned. The levies and garnishments that should NOT have happened HAPPENED! We were assigned to... Read more

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They did not one thing they say they would do and charged me a lot of money to tell me I should just do what the irs said never use this company ever!!!!!!!!!

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When I called Tax Defense I was lead to believe they could remove penalties and interest fees. They said since I had multiple sclerosis and had suffered a stroke, these would be issues to help with those removals. I was told we would never have to pay both the state and IRS at the same time and low and behold that is exactly what we are doing now. Giving people false information when they are in such a stressful time is wrong and... Read more

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