This is Mike and I posted my experience before. It looks like Tax Defense Network is trying to manipulate this the Pissed Consumer Board and it's rating by asking people to call them before posting their experience. From my experience the only way that you can get relief at the first sign that they might have riped you off is to contact the Better Business Bureau either online at http://www.bbb.org/, searching for the Tax Defense Network, and doing the BBB complaint online. You can also call the BBB that handles the jurisdication the "Tax Lack of Defense Network" is in there in Florida where the scam operation is setup at: (800) 940-1315

Please research yourself: I looked up their company with the department of state in Florida. Tax Defense Network started as a debt settlement company in Jacksonville, Florida. If you look up their officers, Joseph and Franklin Valinho, in Google you will find lawsuits they were charged with as a debt settlement company emergency debt. Attorney General Charlie Crist targeted them personally for taking advantage of their customers, who received no debt relief whatsoever. The settlement was somewhere in the region of $130,000 and was reached in 2006. I immediately got a bad taste in my mouth, but the search continued.

I then come to find out that their "A" rating BBB file started in 2008, meaning their current rating doesn't reflect this little transgression Tax Defense committed against their customers in years prior. Also, the BBB file doesn't even show the Valinhos as officers of the company, while the record stands with the state of Florida that they are. More lies. Lastly, and most disturbingly, is that they use this rating for separate websites that seem to be different companies but are really Tax Defense Network with a different face (i.e. www.irs-tax-settlement-hq.com). At first I thought they just bought a different domain and linked it to their main site, but it seems that these are meant to look and seem different, even though it leads you to the same corrupt people. Why hide if you are a legit company.

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Does anyone know how many websites or aliases tax defense network the company has? I filled out two requests for help that looked like different companies so I could get an idea of the cost range and how these companies could help with my tax problem and got called by tax defense network on both and many times. Where can I find out who owns a website that I'm trying to get help from it is like tax defense is the only company out there.


Thanks, Mike. Excellent post.

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