Unfortunately I was told by the smooth talking salesman that this company was

the best with the best BBB rating. $5,000 later, I had listened to more lies

than I could imagine. They gave me little help and dragged my situation out for so long, I was in even more trouble with the IRS. Employees must quit at a very high rate, as I must have talked with twelve different employees during my

dragged out situation with them. I still can't understand why I could not find negative information about them before I hired them? Now I find a multitude of negative comments and I will add one more!

Hire a CPA/Tax Attorney for much, much less and get the job done right.

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Yes, I experienced a great loss of money by using TDN to help me with back taxes. They accepted an agreement that I did not quite understand for they told me it was the bst outcome I could ask for.

Now I have a wage garnishment notice only after a year and TDN wants me to file an appeal by myself. They now have a -a instead of an A= on the BBB site but I wonder how they maintaine this raring any ideas


Boy am I glad I found this board before I hired tdn, I owe 31,000 to the irs and they put a llevy on r wages ,after 3days and hours on the phone with the irs I think I got they levy released but now we have 400 a month payments and a lien on us , I need help for sure bit I won't be using tdn. I am scared and feel helpless ,we r fileing bankrupt soon and I was told we possible can file on anything past three years with the irs , I sure hope so ..

that will cut my blance in half at least ..

I will never get in the red with the irs again , thank people for being honest and warning me before I hired tdn.. wish me luck ..

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