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Tax Defense Network Is no different than JK Harris or Tax Masters! I was Originally ripped off by Tax Masters With a sales pitch that promised me an Offer In Compromise With no results and an up front fee of 5 GRAND!!

Well guess what. I called JK Harris and got the same answer to my Tax problems. Did not trust it for a second. So i kept looking for a reputable Tax Company. I called TDN and you know what? they told me the same thing as Tax Masters and JK Harris! FIVE Thousand Dollars for an Offer In Compromise that i knew darn well i wasn't qualified for.

Finally i got Help from Dave at US Tax Liberty He didn't try to sell me, but told me exactly what was up. And then told me they can't even quote a service fee until they contact the IRS and find out what can actually be done with my case. His number is (949) 999-3308 if you still need help.

There is a simple rule to find a good tax help company. If they try to sell you with a reduction right there on the first phone call with that fee right away then STAY AWAY!! Tax Defense Network, JK Harris, and Tax MAsters are nothing but SCAMMERS!

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@Vernon We are sorry to hear that your consultation with us was unsatisfactory. As a company, we are always looking for ways to improve our consultations. If you would like to give more constructive feedback about your call please contact our Client Care line at 1-877-856-5118 or email them at


TDN Was Good To Me... hmmmm... sounds like you either work for them or are just a shill for them. Either way, you are one out of a million that they were honest with? Why you? Are you that special?

They tried all of their scare tactics, high pressure sales practices, they offered me "special deals" if I would sign up today, blah blah blah. This raised red flags as a legitimate business would not act like used car salesmen desperate to sell that "hoopty-mobile" in the back lot.

They are definitely a scam.

to Vernon Hayward Everett, Washington, United States #621539

I just finished up my settlement with the IRS with the great help of the tax defense network. I owed the IRS over $150,000 and had 10 years of unfiled tax returns.

Tony Juliano was my contact person at the tax defense network and he was incredible to work with and was nothing but honest, upfront, and geniune from day one and over delivered from what he was hoping to do for me.

Vernon- any *** knows that every company has good and bad people that work for them and if you go off on a company for just dealing with one person and you never even hired them for anything than you are more of an *** than you sound! I bet the tax defense network would have been an even better help to you than the " iam going with the lowest bidder" you hired.


I've seen this same post on 4 other sites, down to the letter.

They are known to do this online to defend themselves.


Forgot to add that TDN is one of crooks who survive and thrive on trusting people like myself who is naive enough to take people at their word like the good ole' days.


I was one of the unfortunate people who was scammed out of almost $2000 by TDN. I finally negotiated my own payment plan with the IRS after getting the runaround by TDN.

I was informed by the IRS agent that TDN were a scam and that I would have been better off using the money to apply against the balance owed the IRS. Also since I had given TDN Power of Attorney to negotiate (which they never did) it further complicated my negotiations directly with the IRS.


Tax Defense is a crock just like all the others, you can call the IRS and do the same thing-ASK FOR A RESOLUTION! The only way you would need a tax attorney is if you can't use the telephone.

I am a former employee, and the business is booming off of people who can't take care of business themselves. Word to the wise, People if you borrow against your 401k or IRA, you have to PAY TAXES AND PENALTIES AND INTEREST if you do it before the ripe age of 59 years old!


The phone # above for "US Tax Liberty" is wrong. And US Tax Liberty is the same as all the others listed.



Several companies charge for things that people can do on their own. It may be the complexity or the convenience that people want to avoid and be provided with...I wouldnt qualify that as a scam.


I know it's a scam BECAUSE I WORKED THERE (for 2 weeks before I quit). It's a scam because you can do the same exact thing TDN is doing by contacting the IRS yourself and using an Accountant if you need to.


My experience with Tax Defense Network taking care of my IRS tax debt was completely different from what Katrynerson is claiming. TDN was very upfront and honest regarding what they could and could not do regarding my IRS back taxes.

They never promised me an Offer in Compromise resolution for my IRS tax debt. In fact, they said they had a formula they used to determine if someone was eligible for an Offer in Compromise. I gave them my information, they crunched the numbers, and they told me the IRS would never approve an OIC for my back tax debt.

In the end, I got a VERY affordable IRS installment agreement, thanks to Tax Defense Network. I just can't see the same company giving a completely opposite experience to someone else.

Also, it makes me curious why the poster would include a phone number "if you still need help." It sounds very commercial-ly. Hmm ...

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